Trish Henry readingTrish Henry lives in Oakland, Calif. not too far from the zoo. For years and years her dream house consisted of a tree house with a waterfall near the ocean with walls and walls of books. She’s got a good start of the books, however, what with ebooks, and no room for art on her walls (because the walls are of course all covered with bookshelves), well.

A Kindle is very nice.

Trish grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has never left. She studied video and design at the California College of Arts and Crafts and then went back and studied writing there more than a decade later. She’s worked as a video editor, video editing teacher, a writing teacher, as well as various and sundry jobs. She’s also done freelancing in the arts and in Internet start ups including QA tester, writer, Web designer, html coder, project manager, producer, production manager, and general dog’s body. She has even taught how to make pop-up books and cards.

She enjoys reading, reading, iced tea, nature, music, and reading. And chocolate. Don’t forget the chocolate.

Trish Henry
trishhenry (at) hotmail.com

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