Weaving Mini Tapestries on My ‘Funky li’l loom’

eyeball in the weaving

I saw a neat Kickstarter project and thought I’d try it out. It’s totally fun! It does take more time than I expected, but it’s very friendly and easy to figure out once I watched the demonstration video from the designer of the loom.

April 9:

a small wood loom with some yarn started at the top to weave cloth
Starting my first weaving on the “Funky Li’l Loom!”

Got my “Funky li’l loom” from Kickstarter and then I went out and got some yarn! I think the long way yarn was too thick for this, but I’m learning. Also learning how tight to pull the yarn when I reach the end of each row. Too tight and it throws everything off. Too loose and it looks dumb and uneven. Cool loom! #ActionWeaver

April 14:

eyeball in the weaving
Here’s the start of the eye. Instead of weaving straight across, I went in a circle.

Making progress. A lot of patience needed. I guess the pucker is because I packed the yarn in too tightly. Oh well. It’ll make the eyeball stick out some, and that’s not a bad thing.

Later that same day…

a funny eyeball in space woven from yarn into a tapestry. Almost done!
I need one of those larger metal needles with a big eye for yarn.

Trying to find the zen place for this process. It’s maybe while I watch TV or something. Documentaries. I set up NOVA on Amazon Prime to just play on my phone while I sit in bed and that seems to work. Can’t say I’m really absorbing the content of the various NOVA episodes, but it’s something soothing and interesting in the background.

April 16:

mini tapestry of an eyeball creature in space
Finished! I like the bulging eye.

Finished! Woo-hoo!! Or nearly so. I took it off the loom and there was a bunch of empty space on the top and bottom that I needed to backfill with more weaving. I added some sticks as part of the hanging, but I have to look at it and see if I’m happy with that. Maybe I should go get some twigs from nature. I may also go into the eyeball and tweak a few spots where the circle part was vertical and so looks like there are slashes or something. Maybe also some beads or fringe or ???

the back of the tapestry, you can see yarn tied off here and there
Here’s the back. A little messy.

You know what would be funny? The eyeball puckers a lot. What if I enclose the back and add some stuffing and put a little motor in it that moves a bit so it looks like the eyeball is moving. That would be hilarious. Motion detector or something. Probably won’t. But it’s funny to think about and stick my hand back there and see what it would look like. Hee!

I really like the bulging eye.

April 28:

Here’s what I’m working on next. It was meant to be a tentacle, but it seemed too wide so I added an eyeball at the top. Need to decide on a contrasting background color (yellow? magenta?) and go get some yarn.

Cyclops Tentacle Monster! woven as a mini tapestry
Cyclops Tentacle Monster!

Cyclops Tentacle Monster! with hair as a mini tapestry
Cyclops Tentacle Monster with hair!!

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