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Caractacus Potts, IV | Tall Tale

At last, everything made sense. Future NASCAR driver Caractacus Potts, IV, finally understood his legacy and it wasn’t anything like his mother said. Despite living on a car-free island; despite heavy use of the parental TV chip to cut any idea or hint of racing; despite her long crying jags over the crash that took his father. Despite it all, one sleepover at a hot wheel enthusiast’s house set his feet on the path that would rule his life. It wasn’t anything he could help. It just was.

Photo of boy surrounded with toy cars, photo by Andrea Boffa

Note: Photo courtesy Andrea Boffa, via Pinterest.

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1 comment on “Caractacus Potts, IV | Tall Tale

  1. You never know what’s going to set someone’s feet on the path. Great story!

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